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Plants aren't static.

Your lighting shouldn't be either.

Reimagine lighting for indoor agriculture

Cut energy costs. Tightly control growth.

Using low cost cameras and sensors, we track biometrics and the growth of each plant. Our adaptive optics module controls your lights to provide the exact amount of light the plants need, when they need it, to minimize wasted energy and drive predictable increases in yield and quality for crops.

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greenhouse plants
Segmented plants
Plant-level analytics inform customized light profiles for each plant.

Leaf-level tracking of plant stress and ability to photosynthesize informs customized light profiles that optimize yield and reduce costs.

Supported by

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Interested in our farm
partner program?

Experience the future of sustainable farming by evaluating this capability in your indoor farm! We are currently enrolling for the 2023-2024 growing season to evaluate our product.

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