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New Growth

Imagine agriculture without limits.

Plants aren't static. 

Your lighting shouldn't be either

Leaficient reimagines lighting for indoor agriculture. By tracking biometrics and the growth of each plant, our solution gives plants the exact amount of light they need, when they need it to minimize wasted energy and drive predictable increases in yield and quality for crops.

We already have smart systems in place.

Our technology completes the picture.

Asset 8edit.png

Improve your harvest with intelligent lighting

Cut Energy Costs

Monitor ambient sunlight
and plant growth to only
provide the light that is

Maximize Yield

Deliver the right type
of photons during the
plant's most effective
periods to maximize
the crop yield.

Customize Your Product

Customize the qualities you
want in your crop and
when you want your
harvest to occur.

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Interested in our pilot program?

We are looking for greenhouses and other indoor agriculture farms to pilot our technology.

Thanks for submitting!

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