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Computer Vision / Machine Learning Expert

As a CV/ML Expert at Leaficient, you will play a crucial role in designing and building our foundational data pipelines, processes, and models.  You will apply innovative concepts from the world of computer vision to understand, predict, and control plant growth. You will be developing software that operates within farms with real-world constraints and you will need to be familiar with a broad range of computer vision, signal processing and optimization techniques and have a principled approach to downsample and implement the correct algorithm for the job.

Who we are

We are farmers and technologists who have witnessed the effects of climate change on outdoor farm production first-hand; crops that grew readily on our founder’s childhood farm now require costly intervention to achieve the same yield and quality.

This is just a small window into a global problem. According to NASA, productivity of outdoor farming could decrease by up to 30% by 2030 as climate change accelerates. The sustainable food supply system of the future will include more indoor-grown crops where production is shielded from volatile climate conditions. 

Our mission is to build the infrastructure for indoor growers to leverage modern robotics and data science to expand the scope and competitiveness of indoor-grown crops. Our big bet: pairing data generated by our integrated system with a specialized AI will give indoor farmers the opportunity to compete with outdoor farmers in a range of new crops/verticals. 

What you will contribute

We’re looking for an expert to join our growing team. You will make an impact in the following ways:

  • Develop computer vision models to detect and classify plants

  • Build a large training dataset for CV models

  • Have a foundational role in building and defining all aspects of data and machine learning systems

What you will need

To be successful on the team, we are looking for someone with the following background:

  • Familiarity with deep learning and computer vision models

  • Extensive hands-on experience (3-5 years preferred) with computer vision libraries (e.g., OpenCV, pytorch, Keras, scikit-image)

  • Knowledge of image segmentation, image classification, and depth estimation tasks

  • Experience with common AWS services is preferred, particularly S3 and Lambda

Tell us a bit more about yourself

Thanks for submitting!

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